What is SUDs compliance?

What is SUDs compliance?

SUDS is the Sustainable Urban Drainage System. A combination of urbanisation and the rising problem of climate change have led to increased flood risks throughout the UK.
To tackle this problem, all new driveways have to comply with SUDS regulations to better manage urban surface runoff.

Resin bound surfaces have been encouraged as a new alternative by The Environment Agency to help tackle the growing threat of flooding. This is one of the reasons it is ideal for parks, driveways, paths and playgrounds.

This new focus on SUDS compliance if one of the many reasons that resin bound surfaces have become ever more popular recently.

Wikipedia has some great information on SUDs if you’d like to know more!

Is Resin Bound Gravel SUDs compliant?

Yes! Our resin bound surfaces are 100% SUDs compliant, meaning you don’t need to apply for planning permission if you are looking to install it.