Resin Bound Car Parks

Car parks need to be much more than functional and practical. They also need to be attractive, safe and cost effective.
A resin bound car park can help you achieve all of these needs by:

Improving the long-term appearance

Resin bound gravel is UV resistant, stable and permeable ensuring the look and quality the finished car park will remain the same for years to come.

Reduce maintenance costs

We do this with low maintenance car park paving that is guaranteed for 15 years against loose stone, cracking, oil damage, UV degradation, colour change, and frost damage.

Promoting safety and security

We guarantee no loose stones, which eliminates the danger of flying stones scratching cars. do this by guaranteeing ‘no loose stone’ which eliminates the danger of flying stones.

Making an accessible area

Our resin bound paving allows for easy customisation of parking bays (including parent and child and accessible spaces) and laying out pedestrian and driving areas. The smooth finish of resin bound gravel is ideal for ramps providing increased accessibility for pushchairs and wheelchair users.

Fitting into surroundings

Our extensive range of colours and textures allows us to customise the material used to fit nicely into the existing environment. We can complement or contrast existing buildings or structures, for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Environmentally friendly finish

Our resin bound gravel leaves a SuDS compliant car park surface.

Practical and functional, our high quality, durable, permeable car park paving significantly reduces problems caused by standing water; providing a wide range of safety, comfort and maintenance benefits, all covered by our 15 year guarantee.

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