How to make the most of your garden this summer

How to make the most of your garden this summer

Summer has arrived and we can all rejoice in the warmer, sunnier weather that is here! If you’re wondering how you can make the most of your garden this summer, we’ve brought together some of our favourite tips to help you make the most of your garden this year, after all, summer is the season to savour what your garden has to offer.

Here’s our top 10 tips for enjoying your garden

1. Grow something new this year – Whether you choose a fruit tree, new herbs or hot peppers, try growing something completely different! Enjoy learning how to take care of your new plant and delight when you can harvest and use it!
If your kitchen is already full, pop up some containers outside with herbs you use often (mint, chives or parsley) and inspire them into your recipes!


2. Jazz up your planting beds – Choose plants with interesting foliage as these often need less tending than plants chosen just for their flowers. Go for foliage with high colour and texture contrast, and plant them close together!
If flowers are your thing, why not go for a flower bed full of one type of exuberant summer flower. Sunflowers are easy to go and always put smiles on peoples faces!


3. Get in your hammock – Only one thing is better than lounging in the summer, and that’s lounging in a hammock. Pick a spot between two trees, or railings, or invest in a hammock with its own frame. Grab a drink and while the evenings away


4. Spruce up your garden path or patio – For an alternative option to concrete slabs, brick paving or gravel, why not go for a resin bound gravel solution? Low maintenance, hard wearing and attractive, resin bound gravel is the perfect option for your garden!


5. Help the wildlife – Build or invest in a little bird bath to allow the birds and bees to replenish during the hotter months, and enjoy watching the animals relax in your garden


6. Keep pests away – When you’re out in the garden, wasps and other unwanted pests are the last thing you need. Light some citronella candles and dot them about wherever you intend to spend your time to keep them away!


7. Enjoy alfresco dining – See your garden as extension to your indoor space. Create a dedicated dining area to help you enjoy outdoor dining whenever you fancy it! Consider installing a canopy or shelter for even greater flexibility


8. Bring the indoors out – Increase the appeal of your garden with super comfy, stylish and inviting decor and furniture outside. From cushions, throws and beanbags to candle holders and artwork; you can bring so many indoor elements out that you’ll always want to be out there!


9. Play outdoor games – If you have a family, outdoor games are brilliant – and even if you don’t, you and your friends can enjoy them! Croquet, giant Jenga and Connect 4 always go down well!


10. Create a focal point – Bring everyone together and give your space identity by getting a focal point. Whether this is a large tree, firepit or a sculpture, pick something that you can build the rest of the garden area around


Now go and enjoy your garden!

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