Resin Bound FAQs

What’s the difference between resin bound and resin bonded gravel?

Although the name is very similar, resin bound and resin bonded are actually very different.

Resin Bound
Resin bound is an eco-friendly, highly permeable paving solution for ground surfacing. It is a mixture of decorative aggregates mixed with a specialist resin, before being hand trowelled to give a flat, smooth surface suitable for driveways, paths, patios and more!

Resin Bonded
Resin bonded is laid differently to resin bound materials. It involves applying a layer of resin to the existing surface, followed by aggregates which are scattered on to the top. This gives a non-porous surface, which has a coarser finish and leaves a certain amount of loose stone on the final surface.

How much is a resin bound driveway?

It is difficult to estimate a cost for resin bound gravel as each job is unique and can require more or less materials and work to get it perfect.

If a a surface has to be completely replaced with a SUDs compliant base before applying the resin bound gravel then the cost will be more than if the existing base is in good enough condition to over lay.

The best way to gain an accurate estimate is to get in contact with one of our team for a free quote!

How long will my resin bound driveway last?

Resin bound driveways are hard wearing and durable and as such will last you up to 15 years!

Will weeds grow through my resin bound driveway?

We like to say your resin bound driveway is weed resistant. Nothing will grow up through the surface, seeds travelling through the air may settle on your driveway and cause a small amount of growth. To avoid this we recommend applying a weed killer once or twice a year.

Can I have a resin bound drive laid over my existing driveway?

This depends on your existing driveway’s condition and the type of material used. It should always be laid on an appropriate sub-base of either asphalt or concrete

Will a resin bound driveway be slippy?

Your resin bound driveway will be finished with a fine anti slip layer to help prevent slipping. A resin bound surface is also highly permeable, removing the risk of sitting water in the winter which would usually turn to ice.

How long until I can use my resin bound driveway?

The general rule of thumb is 4 hours for walking on resin bound paving and 24 hours for vehicle use. Dependent on the temperature however, this may increase. Please be sure to confirm with your installation team

Do you provide resin for trade and supply?

Yes! We have a dedicated department to supply resin and gravel to trade with great trade prices! Get in touch with us today if you’re you need resin bound gravel suppliers!